Growing up as a third culture kid (TCK) has many benefits which I am grateful for, however missing my family in Australia never gets easier, although with social media I'm able to chat with my cousins. They are visiting me in Dubai soon - very excited.

I left Australia when I was very small, and my first vague memories of school are Singapore. I remember walking or running up and down the banks of the Singapore River to go to Kindy. Every morning we would stop at the Tan Si Chong Su Temple (I called it Mushu Temple as it has lots of Dragons), I'm not Chinese, but I was very loved, had lots of fun and could chatter away in basic Mandarin by the time I left two years later.

I went to a small international school in rural Malaysia; it was by the sea, and I remember chasing dragonflies in the garden, feeding the fish in the sea, and of course the ancient music room. Happy days!

India was an amazing place, a real-life adventure every day! I went to a great school in New Delhi, the American Embassy School, as well as learning about Indian culture (still love reading Indian mythology), I made friends that I still have today; they are living in Japan, Indonesia, Sweden, Italy and my forever best friend Tess in Los Angeles, USA. I loved life at AES and was sorry to leave.

My first school in Bahrain was very academic, all work and no play and I was secretly pleased when there was a medical emergency in the region, and the school closed, so homeschooling for months. I moved soon after to the American School which was another great school with the best library and lots of sports. I met Manuelito here; I was sad when he moved to Dubai, but a year later we moved to Dubai also!

I've lived in Dubai for eight years now, and I consider this home. I have lots of friends, there's always so much to do, and I am always busy. I now go to The English College.

So, that's my schooling and living in different countries, also means that I have had some fantastic holidays and I have visited over 30 countries already. I have the travel bug as there are still so many places I want to go.

But if I’m it, the last of my kind, the last page of human history, like hell I’m going to let the story end this way... Because if I am the last one, then I am humanity. And if this is humanity’s last war, then I am the battlefield.
— Rick Yancy, The 5th Wave