I have been reading for an early age, well I actually can't remember not ever reading!

I love my books so much that I am a little bit precious about them! I don't turn down pages, I won't write in them, I don't leave them in the sun and I don't even like to bend the spine! But, I do leave them all over the house, they are everywhere (constant nag from Mom) and that's the way I like it. I mean, what's a bookworm to do? I read at least two or three books at any one time and I re-read books and I always know where to find them.

I still have all my books (unless Mom has given some away) although I did donate some to children in Nepal after the earthquake destroyed their schools in 2015. They were so thankful which made it very humbling and worthwhile.

So, my library... I have five bookshelves in the lounge and two in my bedroom, in fact I have just built the last one! Yes, I needed more space so we went to Ikea and bought another Billy Bookshelf - it comes as a flat-pack and Mom made me build it myself! I moaned but quite enjoyed it and am proud of my work. Mom called it a life lesson. 

Building a Billy Bookcase...

Billy facts... The Billy Bookcase is almost 40 years old and there are over 60 million in the world and one is produced by machines every three seconds. In fact the flatpack isn't touched by human hands until you open it. Wonder how many more I will build?

Oh yes, my library, well I had every intention of listing all my books over the summer and... it hasn't happened. So, you will have to come back soon to see my progress. I actually don't know where to start, any suggestions welcome, drop me a suggestion if you can.

It's hard doing the nails

Urghh, hard work...

Have to get up nice and close to make sure all the nails are in the right place, have to make this bookcase to last a long time, going to load a lot more books onto this one!

WOW, all done!

It was a great life lesson, thanks Mom, now ready to read and stack this shelf with so many wonderful books, must keep reading, I want to build another bookcase soon!

I'll soon share with you my "Top Shelf" or some of my favourite books and authors.

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.
— Sidney Sheldon